Biochem Moo Milk Calcium Plus 60sx2+30s 200IU
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MOO® Milk Calcium Plus is a new and improved formulation with added Vitamin D– for supercharging the absorption of minerals into bones. Whenever calcium levels in your blood falls, vitamin D works by increasing your intestines’ ability to take up calcium from your food more efficiently in order to restore this delicate balance. MOO® is the Food-State calcium supplement that increases bone density by stimulating the cells responsible for bone formation.

MOO® is referred to as ‘Food-State’ Calcium because it is made from Milk, a type of food. Using a proprietary technology, bone-building milk calcium is scientifically extracted while the casein, fat and lactose are removed. This process, along with the natural properties of MOO®, makes it easy to absorb, and increases its bioavailability. A six-week human clinical study shows that milk calcium is more effective than calcium carbonate at decreasing bone loss and build strong bones.

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 Biochem Moo Milk Calcium Plus 60sx2+30s 200IU