A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. It protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for healthy diet.

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Cod liver oil contains Vitamins A and D. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that maintains healthy eyes and skin whereas Vitamin D increases the uptake of calcium in the body and is a prerequisite for strong bones. Cod liver oil is also naturally rich in two essential omega-3 fatty acids – DHA and EPA, which helps to maintain the body’s metabolism and circulation as well as maintain overall health.


Nutriforte Fish Oil DS is molecularly distilled by going through steps of purification and concentration at a molecular level to remove contaminants. Each packaging has been independently tested for lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, PCBs, and dioxins content to ensure that it is safe to be used. Additionally, it has been tested for rancidity to ensure that the Omega-3 in each softgel is fresh. 


There are no known contraindications. However, if in doubt of the suitability of this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking the product.


It is a high energy food which is packed with Iron. Kambu has 8 times Iron content higher than in Rice. The rich Iron content in Kambu aids in improving the hemoglobin level in the blood and prevents anemia.It is also rich in fiber, protein, minerals such as magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid, amino acids, lecithin, potassium, B complex vitamins, and calcium. Niacin in B complex vitamins reduces cholesterol, phosphorus plays an important part in the structure of body cells and magnesium is essential for maintaining heart health. Potassium and Magnesium help to prevent blood pressure.

  • Hygienic product with clean packing
  • Tasty and healthy
  • Quantity: 180 g

Thinai vermicelli is an important healthy alternative for rice. When compared to rice, it has low glycemic index i.e. only gradually increase blood sugar after food intake. It is high in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, minerals and iron. 


100% Original Quality Healthcare Product


Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil 96.8%, basil 2%, basil flavour 1.2%.
Way of using: Italian pasta, vegetable salad, eggs, risottos, mashed potatoes, meat or fish dish.


Zenoctil is a non-drug formula that has a dual action on fats. Zenoctil promotes burning of stored body fat and supports the inhibition of excess fat storage. As a result, Zenoctil promotes a healthy and sustainable weight loss. In addition, Zenoctil also helps reduce stress related to dieting as Zenoctil has relaxation and alertness enhancing effects. Zenoctil also helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


Product details of Total Fiber 15 sachets x 20g Non Thickening fiber 10g of fiber in one glass – highest amount of dietary fiber content in the market Well balanced fiber (70% insoluble, 30% soluble) – match a normal food intake Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort (gas, bloating, flatulence) Tasty natural orange flavour Total Fiber has 10g of dietary fiber per serving which is the highest in the market. Requires only once a day intake. Well balanced fiber with insoluble fiber and soluble fiber content which match our normal food intake. It is proven to have a reduce incidence of bloating, gas and flatulence. What type of fiber does Total Fiber contain? Total fiber contains a combination of fiber that comprise of insoluble and soluble fiber with a ratio of 70:30. This resemble the normal fiber that we take from food (eg fruits and vegetables).



Reduce high blood pressure

Easing constipation and improve bowel regularity

Reduce cholesterol level

Prevention of cardiovascular blockage

Improving heart condition

Prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke

Slimming, whitening skin.

Reduce mental fatigue and sleepiness as a result of poor blood circulation

Reduce numbness

Alleviate discomfort of hemorrhoids


improve stamina
* preventing cancer
* maintaining good mouth health
* lowering your risk of diabetes
* preventing Parkinson's
* help to weight loss
* overcome constipation problem
* smoothen the digestive system

** In one box VCafe have 20 sachets **

** 100% Natural, Genuine & Effective



1 x We don't see the need to add sugar to something that is already naturally sweet. We add 40% more fruit than ordinary jams you can be confident the taste it great!


We don't see the need to add sugar to something that is already naturally sweet. We add 40% more fruit than ordinary jams you can be confident the taste it great!

  • Ginger with honey allows you to enjoy more goodness and great taste
  • Aromatic while drinking, making your mind and emotion tranquilize
  • Experience light body with its effect as carminative, relieving your stomach