Heel Support
Heel Support
Heel Support

Wearing an arch support and/or an orthotic will alleviate the pressure on the impacted areas and will also redistribute the pressure because the body is better aligned with an arch support. There are arch supports that are specifically designed to absorb shock, sweat, and impact.

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  • Bio mechanically designed
  • Made of skin friendly, medical grade silicone
  • Gives protection and cushioning effect to the heel region
  • Provides greater relief from external shock
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odourless
  • Pathologies of foot resulting from altered bony configuration
  • Metatarsalgia with heel spur
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Tired and weak foot Joint
  • Arch & Back pain


Designed to absorb impact over the entire plantar surface of the foot.

- Made with silicon to enhance comfort and durability

- Ideal for any type of activity, sports or daily use