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There are two types of devices:

Spacers – which are an additional reservoir between the mouthpiece of the pMDI and the patient’s mouth

Valve holding chambers (VHCs) which additionally have a one-way valve

A spacer simply creates a greater distance between the inhaler and the mouth; whereas the valve in a VHC enables the retention of the aerosol within the device until the child breathes it in from the device, and cannot breathe back into it.


MDI Spacer provides more medication for those patients with Asthma and COPD while inhaling into their airway.

  • Dishwasher safe and Latex Free.
  • BPA free and phthalate free.

• #Anti-static Valved Holding #Chamber, no deposition of excess #powder.

• #Flow-Vu Indicator: Moves as your child inhales and helps provide assurance of correct use for medication delivery. • Universal adapter: Fits most commonly prescribed MDIs.

• Easy to clean.

• Brand recommended by all doctors and pharmacists


Flow-Vu indicator: The flap moves when patient inhales, so cregiver can visually monitor if the patient is inhaling correctly. Anti-static Chamber: Improves the delivery of MDIs used with AeroChamber due to medication not adhering to chamber walls. Latex, lead, PVC, phthalate and BPA free. ComfortSeal mask: Provides critical face mask seal and is soft and comfortable. 'EZ Flow' Extension Valve: Directs exhaled medication away from patient's face and eyes. Inhalation Valve: Built-in, low-resistance, one-way valve opens easily and prevents exhalation back to the chamber. Universal Adapter: Fits most commonly prescribed MDIs. Dishwasher Safe: Take-apart unit allows for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe at temperatures below 70oC.


Breathing can be hard after you had a surgery.It is often observed that patients can take only short and, shallow breaths. Breathing in such a manner makes it difficult to carry air to the lungs resulting in accumulation of fluid and mucus in the lungs. Our incentive 3-ball spirometer assists patients to  practice taking deep breaths, which can help open your airways and  prevent fluid or mucus from building up in your lungs,making it easier for you to breathe and assure faster recovery.
Our 3-ball incentive spirometer is a breathing / lung exerciser which is a flow-oriented device, provides an indirect indicator "Ball" of the patient's inspired volume. It aids in strengthening the respiratory musculature and to help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging slow and deep breathing.

  • With the Incentive Spirometer held in an upright position, exhale normally and place your lips tightly around the mouthpiece.
  • To achieve a Slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI), inhale at a sufficient rate to raise only the ball in the first chamber, while the ball in the
    second chamber remains at rest.
  • For a higher flow rate, inhale at a rate sufficient to raise the first and second balls, while the ball in the third chamber remains at rest.
  • Exhale after performing the exercise, remove the mouthpiece from your lips and exhale normally.
  • Relax following each prolonged deep breath, take a moment to rest, and breathe normally. Then, repeat the exercise as directed by your health practitioner.
  • Soft, flexible & clear tip comfortable against your baby's nose
  • Easy to use
  • Exchangable tips
  • A compact medical device designed to administer medication to people in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Developed for treatment of asthma, allergies & other respiratory disorders

• Average Nebulization Rate of 0.2 ml /min
• Compressor Nebulizer
• 5 micro m Particle Size
• 6 ml Medication Capacity
• Patented Pump Design
• Breathe Enhanced Nebulizer Design
• Silent Operation
• Omron NE-C25 Compressor Nebulizer could aid you in administering your respiratory medications with utmost ease and care. 
• This Nebulizer uses compressed air that flows at high velocity through the liquid medicine in your medicine cup, 
turning it into aerosol or mist, thus making it easier and effective for you to inhale the right amount of medicine.

• The Breath-enhanced design of the Nebulizer offers effective delivery of medication allowing for shorter treatment times. 
• The patented pump integrated in the nebulizer is built to ensure powerful and quiet operation.