Total Fiber Orange Flavour 3 sachets x 20 grams
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Product details of Total Fiber 15 sachets x 20g Non Thickening fiber 10g of fiber in one glass – highest amount of dietary fiber content in the market Well balanced fiber (70% insoluble, 30% soluble) – match a normal food intake Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort (gas, bloating, flatulence) Tasty natural orange flavour Total Fiber has 10g of dietary fiber per serving which is the highest in the market. Requires only once a day intake. Well balanced fiber with insoluble fiber and soluble fiber content which match our normal food intake. It is proven to have a reduce incidence of bloating, gas and flatulence. What type of fiber does Total Fiber contain? Total fiber contains a combination of fiber that comprise of insoluble and soluble fiber with a ratio of 70:30. This resemble the normal fiber that we take from food (eg fruits and vegetables).

Total Fiber is exceptional because of the high fiber (10g) amount it provides with one single glass. The 10g are on average what people are missing in their daily diet. Therefore this drink is the perfect way to compensate for the lack of fibres in their diet, and is a unique and easy way to take in a lot of the fibres we miss. Total Fiber is formulated with a 70:30 ratio of insoluble vs soluble fiber. This formulation not only matches our normal diet, it also reduces the incidence of gastrointestinal discomfort (gas, bloating and flatulence) which can be experience with fiber products that has high amount of soluble fiber. Total fiber will not thicken, and is formulated in tasty natural orange flavour. What is the recommended daily intake of fiber

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Total Fiber Orange Flavour 3 sachets x 20 grams